Week 25: Jason from Warsaw, Poland


My name is Jason and not European through birth, but immigration and ancestry as my family is Welsh. I am currently living in Poland and working as the Deputy Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy - Poland’s leading Diplomatic Academy. I spent 5 years in the US Marine Corps after high school, have degrees in Marketing, Organizational Psychology and now an MBA. I am a passionate football fan, supporter of Liverpool FC and recent consumer of 22 Euro 2012 matches (do the math, that is a lot of time). I am passionate about cooking, coffee and literature, currently in the middle of Count of Monte Cristo and planning a Thai meal for my friends. I am based Monday through Friday in the capital - Warsaw - and spend my weekends in Lodz, Poland’s second city. I am looking forward in sharing my view of Poland over the course of the week and giving everyone a glimpse into this exciting and upcoming European country.


Guidelines of ourEurope



The twitter account ourEurope was created by and for European citizens. The original idea was found in Sweden, where they hand over the official Sweden account to another Swede every other week. 

In times of financial crisis in Europe, it’s important to keep listening to ordinary EU citizens from Norway to Portugal and from Greece to Belgium. ourEurope is giving Europeans a chance to speak out their experience, ideas, and hopes for Europe. Together we can bring our Europe forward!

Being curator of ourEurope

Every week another European citizen will be nominated to tweet for the account and to own it for one week. The wish is to have a various bunch of people tweeting about their lives and about Europe.

Interested? Send an email to meneerdm@hotmail.com with the following: 

  • Your full name
  • Link to your twitter account
  • Email address
  • A (short) motivation and biography